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October 10, 2015

Martial Arts History Museum unveils Disney Style Animatronics to add Spice to Learning

Burbank, CA – This weekend, October 11, the Martial Arts History Museum launches the first of many new animatronic creations for the public to enjoy. As the skull and crossbones head greets audiences with the famous “dead men tell no tales” on the...
October 09, 2015

Martial Arts Museum to Screen Life of Chinese Pioneer, Eric Lee

BURBANK, CA – Eric Lee is one of the most notable pioneers in the martial arts industry. It was Lee that changed history by being one of the first and most successful forms and weapons competitor in the nation. In a time when only Karate practitioners...
October 05, 2015

Martial Arts Museum to unveil Flying Guillotine Artifact

BURBANK, CA – One of the most unique and memorial artifacts of martial arts film genre is the “Flying Guillotine.” First debuted in the movie of the same name, “The Flying Guillotine” in early 1970s, over a dozen films have used this legendary weapon....
October 01, 2015

Special events for October

BIG, BIG EVENTS COMING UP at the MUSEUM   Oct. 3, 4 pm Rigan Machado Day Come early, seats are limited. It's going to be packed. Cost: $10   ALL ON OCTOBER 10, 2015   Oct. 10, 5 pm Unveiling of Flying Guillotine Display with a SPECIAL BONUS: Meet...
September 27, 2015

Disney Style Animatronics to be unveiled at Martial Arts History Museum

Burbank, CA – On October 10, 2015, the Martial Arts History Museum will be hosting an Open House for the public as they unveil a variety of new displays as part of the museum's continual push for “creativity,” “media,” and “history.” Michael Matsuda,...
September 19, 2015

Museum Events for Sept. and Oct. 2015

MUSEUM EVENTS FOR SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER 2015 The museum has a lot of fun events coming this September and October. Please support the museum by making it a point to join us in one of our events. You can hook up with old friends, meet some new ssones and...
September 10, 2015

Martial Arts Museum to Launch Anti Bullying Campaign with Martial Arts Kid Film

Burbank, CA – Bullying can affect everyone with a negative of impact on all those involved. From the victim to the observer, it has horrific repercussions both mentally and physically. As a result, kids develop a lower self-esteem, have difficulty with...
August 28, 2015

Museum Events for September 2015

MUSEUM EVENTS The Martial Arts History Museum is very excited about our new series of PSA's and commercials to bring awareness to the Museum. Already aired on KABC Channel 7 is our promotional commercial and it has been working. Starting Aug. 31, our new...
August 27, 2015

Celebrities join Martial Arts Museum to Launch Anti-Bullying and Awareness Campaign

BURBANK, CA – Martial arts celebrities, pioneers, founders and champions band together with the Martial Arts History Museum to bring awareness to the many benefits provided by the martial arts. From anti-bullying, opening the doors of physical fitness,...
July 23, 2015

Museum brings Awareness with Dragonfest Convention

Burbank, CA – Thousands of martial arts enthusiasts flock into Burbank to take part in ComicCon-style martial arts convention. Called Dragonfest, it is hosted by the Martial Arts History Museum as a charity event to raise funds to keep the museum...
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