Celebrities join Martial Arts Museum to Launch Anti-Bullying and Awareness Campaign

BURBANK, CA – Martial arts celebrities, pioneers, founders and champions band together with the Martial Arts History Museum to bring awareness to the many benefits provided by the martial arts. From anti-bullying, opening the doors of physical fitness, generating a new outlook on health care, learning about martial arts history to providing confidence-building, the martial arts has a lot to offer the community.

Similar to the “Got Milk” campaign that was designed to promote milk and vitamin D, the Martial Arts History Museum has enlisted the help of some of the martial arts greatest pioneers to bring a new insight into learning the arts and how life can improve as a result.

Through a series of Public Services Announcements, radio spots and a number of television commercials, celebrities show their support by volunteering their time to promote the arts. “With the internet, bullying has taken on a new dimension and many young children have committed suicide as a result,” notes museum president Michael Matsuda. “This is something that has hit hard in our society and its only getting worse. The martial arts have an opportunity for our young people to gain confidence, have a new outlook on life and establish a goal-oriented frame-of-mind. The museum provides an awareness of the arts and a new pathway into life.”

“The martial arts is more than just kicking and punching, it is a way of life and will help you face many life situations,” says Kung Fu pioneer Douglas Wong.

Beginning September 1, the museum will be posting the first of a series of six unique commercials to be first aired on the Nickelodeon Channel followed by public service announcements on KABC Channel 7 is Los Angeles.

“We are also launching this campaign through YouTube in our hopes that if shared enough, it will go viral and reach a much larger audience,” says Matsuda.

The first series of commercials includes pioneer Fumio Demura (Karate Kid), Americas Abesamis (iCarly), Henry T. Yamada (Pirates of the Caribbean), William Chris Ford (Karate Kid), Michelle Manu, Chad Eagan, Chinzo Machida and Kai Moriya.

For information about the Martial Arts History Museum or to make a donation, visit 2319 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA 91506. (818) 478-1722.