Dragonfest Expo to feature UFC Fighters


Burbank, CA – Dragonfest, the martial arts equivalent of San Diego’s ever-popular Comic Con, will once again be held in the city of Burbank. Attracting more than 3,000 attendees, this year’s expo will be expanding to an additional 50 booths, making it a record of 150 vendors for this unique event. Spanning over two days, the expo will take place at the Burbank Pickwick Gardens Convention Center on Saturday, August 25 and Sunday, August 26, 2017. (


This year, Dragonfest has expanded to accommodate more vendor booths with a much larger location. The expo itself, will begin at 10 am on August 25 and last until 5 pm. The following day will consist of workout seminars with some of the greatest pioneers in the martial arts community including Benny “the jet” Urquidez, Leo Fong, Michelle Manu (female empowerment), Don “the dragon” Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock and many more which will be begin at 9 am and end at 2 pm.

Hosted by the Martial Arts History Museum in Burbank, the event will feature a variety of Asian cultural performances such as Filipino Dancing, Japan Taiko, Chinese Lion Dancing, etc. This year Korean and Thailand cultural performances and a local girls band will also be included. Vendor booths this year will consist of a number of UFC fighters including Chuck Lidell, Rampage Jackson, Cung Le, Fabiano Iha and many more. Some of the martial arts celebrities in attendance will be RobinShou, Phil Morris, Michael Jai White, James Lew, Doug Wong, Eric Lee, Kathy Long, members of the cast of The Karate Kid, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Best of the Best, Big Trouble in Little China and many more.

Several of the product vendors will be martial arts supply companies, printing vendors, toy booths as well as anime artist such as Jerome Lu and Christophe Vacher.


Tickets for Dragonfest is $30.00 (free for children) which will be on August 25. The full day of workouts, ten in all (you have the choice of five to attend), will only cost $30.00 to workout the whole day. All tickets are tax-deductible since dragonfest is a charity event. 100 percent of the proceeds will go to the Martial Arts History Museum.

“The city of Burbank has been very accommodating and we are glad to have this convention remain in this fine city. On Saturday, people can enjoy a great expo, on Saturday night they will be able to enjoy our after-party across the street at Viva Cantina and on Sunday, it will be a full day of 10 workouts seminars, two hosted at a time. This way people can have a choice of who they would like to train with,” says museum president Michael  Matsuda.

To purchase your tickets or for booth or sponsor reservation, visit their site at DRAGONFEST.COM or email them at or call 818 478-1722. You may contact the Martial Arts History Museum at 2319 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA 91506.

Dragonfest is currently sponsored by the El Rey Network, Kathryn Barger/ LA County Supervisor and Jason Sterling.