Facebook Birthdays, A New Way to Support the Museum

Greetings, this is Michael Matsuda, president of the Martial Arts History Museum.

I hope this notice finds you well.

Many people have asked, how they can help the museum but you didn’t know how. How they can give back to the martial arts that has done so much for them? Well, we found a great way all of you can support the museum without any cost to you.

Introducing Facebook Birthdays for Special Events.
If you have a birthday coming, or you have a special event like a belt promotion or anniversary, Facebook has just provided a unique way of raising funds.

You can post the link before and on your page, you can say, “For my birthday gift, I would love if you supported the museum on my behalf.”

I have attached the following video link so that it will be explained more clearer and you will learn exactly how to do it.

This quick, 3-minute will explain. Thank you, Michael Matsuda.

This will make a huge difference, even if you just raise $50.

Thank you so much, Michael Matsuda