Happy New Year from the Museum

The Martial Arts History Museum wishes you a joyous New Year! 2022 is over, yeah! Now new possibilities for 2023.


YES, we have more great hats and biography dvds to choose from. We just added some technique dvds that will be released later this week. T-shirts will also be added and well as some very cool items to purchase so stay tuned. But, you can still get an official Martial Arts History Museum cap today!!! I hear all the best martial artists are wearing them!


It’s Apache Knife Fighting from Robert Redfeather and Key Chain Self-Defense with Vince Cecere that you will truly love, coming soon.


It’s always wonderful when we receive a donation. People always talk about giving back. Well, if the martial arts has done good for you, then what better way to give back than supporting a museum that gives honor to the martial arts. Let’s make a donation today.


If you are a fan of Monkey Kung Fu, well you are in luck. Monkey Kung Fu Volume 19 is now ready for purchase. It’s advanced Chi Kung Training for Monkey Kung Fu.


Be sure to visit the Martial Arts History Museum.
Events will restart in February.