It's a Brighter 2023

Well, we celebrate a new year, 2023, with great anticipation! We are hoping to get all those on board to relocate to Glendale, CA.



Yes, we are getting more and more orders to the Museum Caps. So, come on board, get your cap and support this great cause!!!! We have a wonderful selection of not just museum caps, but we will be offering many other brands and styles as well. So, from Team Karate Centers, the BKF, Shotokan and many more, we designed some hats that everyone may enjoy.



apache knife training

Almost ready to roll off the presses are the new instructional DVDS:
1. Robert Redfeather’s Apache Knife
2. Monkey Kung Fu’s Volume 19
3. James Lew’s official Biography
4. Vince Cecere’s Key Chain Self-Defense
They will all be available in about a week


OK, it’s another campaign. Yes, I know, but if we are going to ensure the museum will be here for hundreds of years, it needs to have a larger facility. We can’t grow here. We are hoping for Senator Portantino, Kathryn Barger and others will help us secure funding for the move.

But, you can still donate:

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