Martial Arts Museum goes global with Sidekick Publications

Burbank, CA – America's first and only museum dedicated to the martial arts, the Martial Arts History Museum, teams up with international publishing firm, Sidekick Publications, to bring global exposure to their arsenal of martial arts history books.


Sidekick Publications, which is considered one of the leading distributors of martial arts books, is headed by Allen Woodman and Alan Goldberg, will be carrying three of the Martial Arts History Museum's most popular books, Museum: How it all Began, Monkey Kung Fu: History & Tradition and the Museum Honor Awards coffee table book.


“We had focused primarily with the local market, which worked out very well, but with Sidekick Publications we will be generating international attention to the museum,” says museum president Michael Matsuda. “Although the martial arts is thousands of years old, it's amazing that it took an American to open the first museum in the world that traces all forms of Asian arts.”


The Martial Arts History Museum was established in 1999 as a traveling exhibit and settled in the city of Burbank three years ago. It is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and is supported by donations and contributions. For additional information, visit their website at Sidekick Publications information is available at

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