Museum Events coming up

What going on this month at the Martial Arts History Museum? A lot!

HALL OF FAME BOOK: The Museum latest book is now available! The Martial Arts History Museum's HALL OF FAME. This is a fantastic book! Here you will find the first volume of this coffee-table style book focusing on the year's 1999-2002. It's not bios, but it's six pages dedicated to each individual detailing what they did to make history. This 300 page book is a magnificent piece for any collection, Finally! A Hall of Fame book and best of all, it's from the Museum so you now it's professionally done. It's a nice book to share with anyone, even non-martial artists. Great for the school, great for the home, great to take to Dragofest to get autographs. It's a great book for any collection, a total of 4 volumes in all. Available at

DRAGONFEST: Although it's not until July 18 ad July 19, the booths are selling so if you are interested, now's the time to inquire at

THE MATSUDA COLLECTION: Yes, we have a new Museum jewelry line ready at the Museum. Called “the Matsuda Collection,” by museum president Michael Matsuda with the guidance of Susan Jekarl. These are amazing pieces of jewelry that's affordable and fun to wear. Many fixed with the Museum logo, you will enjoy showing off your support for the Museum. It is currently available at the Museum now but will also be available on the Museum store soon. As always, this will benefit the Museum so we encourage you to participate and get sone cool stuff to wear!!!!





February 21, 2015 – 4 pm, Saturday
ERIC LEE DAY at the Museum

Come join us as we pay tribute to the “king of kata,” Eric Lee. This is a unique opportunity for friends, students, family and more to give honor to this unique artist. Ceremony starts at 4 pm, dress is casual. Don’t be late. Cost is only $10 and you get to enjoy the Museum as well.

February 28, 2015 – 4 pm, Saturday
WEN MEI YU DAY at the Museum

Join us as we celebrate the life of a legend: Wen Mei Yu. Opening the doors to Tai Chi to the Western world, a primary organizer for Tai Chi Day and an inductee in the martial arts most prestigious club, the Museum’s Hall of Fame. Friends, family and more, let gather together at the Museum. Only $10. Dress is casual.

March 14, 2015 – 4 pm, Saturday
Students, friends, family members and more, let’s gather together to honor one of Kung Fu’s biggest advocates, Manuel Marquez. Manuel has been a driving force for promoting Kung Fu. From parades, seminars, workshops and more, he has made an impact on the community. Winner of the 2014 Honor Awards, let’s pay our respects. Cost is only $10.

March 21, 2015 – 4 pm, Saturday – Screening at 5 pm
SHUNY BEE DAY at the Museum, PLUS, screening of GORKHA PROTECTOR

This is a two-event evening as we first take the time to honor the life of a rising star, Shuny Bee. Also, at 5:00 pm, you will get to enjoy a wonderful screening of Shuny Bee’s new film, GORKHA PROTECTOR. Cost is only $10 and includes both events.

March 28, 2015 – 4 pm, Saturday

He is hailed as the greatest writer in the martial arts world, he has been the editor of nearly every martial arts magazine, he is the author of the Martial Arts Encyclopedia and member of the Museum’s Hall of Fame with it’s most prestigious honor, the Funakoshi Award. Let’s show our support for a man who has launched the career of thousands of martial arts. Cost is only $10 and dress is casual.

April 11, 2015 – 4 pm, Saturday

He’s been called the “Magic Dragon” for his amazing sweeps, he one of the pioneers of full-contact karate, he’s a ref for MMA fights and he’s even got an action figure made into his likeness. He’s Sensei Cecil Peoples and don’t even think about not coming, let’s gather for this terrific fighter and really great man, Cecil Peoples. Cost is $10 and you get to enjoy the Museum.


April 15, 2015 – 4 pm, Saturday
DON BAIRD DAY at the Museum

He has been a leader in the martial arts world for decades and played a pivotal role in promoting health, awareness, vitality in not only the Kung Fu world, but the entire martial arts community. He is an accomplished authors, winner of the 2014 Museum Honor Awards and has revolutionized the teaching of Kung Fu. He’s one of the most admired man in the arts; Don Baird. Come and join us as we pay our respect to this amazing leader. Cost is only $10, dress is casual.

July 18 & July 19
Yes, it’s now 2 days for this “out of this world” convention. You might faint as you come in the door and behold martial arts at its best! From celebrities, toys, supplies, authors, film producers, artists, Ninja turtles and more!!! Yes, 2 days of Heaven, 2 days of Celebration, 2 Days….. 2 Days!!! Even if you came last year, come back again. All proceeds, 100 percent goes to keep the Museum doors open. Yes, you heard right, 2 Days. For info, visit


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