Museum Events for Nov./ Dec.

It’s the Holiday’s in the air as we head toward Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.
Many great things happening at the museum.


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Saturday Dec. 1, 2018
4 pm / $15
MARK PARRA DAY at the Museum
Let’s all gather together to pay honor and respect to one of the most accomplished and honored instructor in the martial arts community, Mark Parra. Chief of the famous House of Champions, let’s pack this place out as we reflect on the life and accomplishments of this amazing artist and leader.


Friday Dec. 7, 2018
6:30 pm to 8 pm  /  $10
How to successfully produce and distribute an independent film

Hailed by Reel Asian Films as DVD’s new martial hero of 2005, Dr. Z (Martial Medicine Man, Combat Mortal, The American Dream, Chasing the dragon….) attended the UCLA film school during the 90’s and has personally starred in, written, produced and directed 13 independent feature films. He has shared his experiences in film making at lectures on campuses, martial arts conventions and film academies: from pre-production, script writing, acting, castings, cinematography, to production and distribution. This introduction on film school crash course series by Dr. Z shall take place at the Martial Arts History Museum on Friday Dec 7, 2018. From 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM. It promised to be a fun filled evening features the concise and essential steps in independent film production. It is a must for aspiring filmmakers. Class starts promptly at 6:30 PM  Fee: $10 at the door.


Saturday Dec. 8, 2018
6 pm  /  FREE
Often referred to as the face of American Muay Thai, Kevin Ross got a late start to the sport. Not stepping foot into a gym until he was almost 23 years old, whereas most high-level fighters begin when they are still children. The feeling of already being so far behind motivated Kevin to push himself and sacrifice more than most were willing to. He knew that if he were ever going to “make it” he would have to drive himself as much as possible every second of every day. He needed to continually go up against the best, the ones that on paper he had no business being in there with. Kevin made a name for himself as the “face” of American Muay Thai with his aggressive, in your face, never quit style and attitude. Always staying true to his quote, ““I’d rather lose an exciting fight than win a boring one.”


Sunday Dec. 9, 2018
4 pm  /  $15
MARK STEWART DAY at the Museum
Please join us as we honor on of the early practitioners of Bruce Lee’s concept, Jeet Kune Do. Mark Stewart is a very highly recognized leader in the JKD community and he was able to bring back Jeet Kune Do to Los Angeles Chinatown, where Bruce Lee taught. Let us celebrate his life and career and the contributions he continues to make in the world.

Friday Dec. 21, 2018
6 pm  /  POTLUCK
Please join us as we present the Martial Arts History Museum Christmas Party hosted by Eric Lee. This is a potluck event and as a special bonus, it will be the debut of Eric Lee’s music video. There will be singing and eating and lots of fun. It’s casual so don’t dress up.

The Yuen Method
Be sure to visit Dr. Kam Yuen’s program called the

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