Museum Events for November

~~November Martial Arts History Museum Events

As we head toward the Thanksgiving and Christmas, we realize that this is a time for family, friends and pets to gather together and enjoy the moment. Well, let's also face it, visitors are usually hanging at Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Knotts and more instead of visiting a Museum. So, we have decided to wait until January to launch a whole series of great events.

Museum Closures:
November 27 through November 30

December Closures:
December 25 through January 2


January 10, 2015
6 pm to 9 pm

Join us for this FREE event as the press and tons of martial artists celebrate the unveiling of the Jacket from the TV Kung Fu Series, the actual Gopher Chucks from Kung Pow Movie, the guns from Big Trouble in Little China AND the ribbon cutting for our new ANIME SECTION. PLUS! Meet the actual actors for the Kung Fu TV series including Doug Wong, Kam Yuen, James Lew, and a special guest to cut the ribbon. PLUS! Meet the star of Kung Pow Movie, Steve Oedekerk. PLUS! Meet some of today's top animators. This is going to be a huge event held at the Museum. Meet the stars up close!

John Corcoran Day
Don “the dragon” Wilson Day
Kam Yuen Day
Eric Lee Day
James Lew Day
Dragonfest 2015: July 18 & 19
Launching of the Museum Store
and more...

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The Museum is always in need to some small items that we would greatly appreciate your support. Our needs: Toilet Paper (you would be surprised to learn how much tour groups use), Paper Towels and liquid soap. If you stop by, bring some if you can. It's an in-kind tax-deduction as well.

Our GoFundMe campaign is coming to an end. We launched a goal of $10,000 to create a nice Pavilion area so that we can host events, seminars and more. It will be removed by the end of the year. If you would like to be a part of it, come join us.

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