Museum Events for November, 2015

November events at the Museum

November 7, 4 pm
Cost: $10

TOM BLOOM DAY at the Museum
Please join us to celebrate the life and legend of one of the most noted and respected martial arts instructors for the past several decades. A trainer of champions, let’s join together to honor him.


Memberships play a huge role in keeping our doors open. It was your memberships that helped open the Museum and your memberships that will keep us going. Your memberships have helped pay for all our events, seminars and honor days. If you have been a member before, please consider joining again. You get a tax-write off, plus you get free entrance into the Museum all year to enjoy all our many events. Give back to the arts by supporting the Museum:


We did it, we have a Museum and it is all of you that made it happen. Let's keep the Museum up and running for this and future generations. Save our history by making a financial donation to the Museum. We are a fully registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, this means your financial donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Let's not let our efforts be lost, let's keep our doors open which will allow us to do many amazing things. Give back and make a donation today:


We have a lot of items that are out in the open at the Museum. It takes a lot of funds to protect them and our need is to purchase acrylic sheets to cover all our displays. Names of the donors will go on the bottom of at least one sheet of acrylic. Join us today to protect our items:


Thank you all for being part of the Museum and making it a reality.
Closure dates: Nov. 26, 27, 28, 29
Dec. 24 through the end of the year and re-open Jan. 2


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