Museum hosts Samurai Sword Seminar Oct. 19

BURBANK, CA – The Martial Arts History Museum is proud to present their most popular event of the year, the Samurai Sword Seminar. Featuring historian Rafael Kosche who's credits include appearances on THE HISTORY CHANNEL, A&E, AUCTION KINGS, ANCIENT ALIENS and many more. The seminar, which takes place October 19, begins at 4 pm with a cost of only $8.

The Samurai Sword Seminar, which is held at the museum twice a year, is the most attended seminar to date. "People love the samurai sword. There's a unique fascination over this weapon and it continues to appear in films and tv shows. Even the Walking Dead series features a young lady wielding a samurai sword for protection," notes museum president Michael Matsuda.

The seminar will not only include a lecture on the history of the sword, but it will reveal interesting information about metallurgy, how the sword is made and how to tell a fake sword from a real one and more. One of the most revealing aspects of the event is the encouragement by the museum for visitors to bring in their own personal sword. "You would be surprised how many people have samurai swords in their house. However, few know if they are actually valuable," states Matsuda. "When you bring in your sword, Kosche will take an examination of your sword and tell if it's worth getting appraised or is it just a $50 decorattive object."

"We've had many people travel all the way from San Luis Obispo, San Bernardino, San Diego and more. How often are you going to get such a celebrated historian to answer every question you have ever had about the sword," concludes Matsuda.

For information, visit the museum's website at or call (818) 478-1722.