Museum Launches Expert Class


Although we are in the early stages, the Martial Arts History Museum is proud to release its newest venture, “Expert Class.” The class is a new website called “” and its goal is to feature some of the biggest icons in the martial arts sharing a few of their techniques and words of wisdom for all to enjoy.

The Expert Class is provided free-of-charge. Connected to the museum’s YouTube account, the viewership will help the museum channel. “We have so many great pioneers and icons that are still here with us and many of them want to help the museum, so, by donating videos of their techniques, it’s a win-win for everyone,” says Michael Matsuda.

The Expert Class is a work-in-progress and although there are only five icons available on the website, it’s a great start. The museum will continue to add new techniques every week so that all can enjoy them.

“Currently, we are at 5,000 viewing hours and 1,300 subscribers on our YouTube channel. This, I believe, will help our channel grow,” adds Matsuda.

To visit the Museum’s Expert Class, visit:

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