Museum launches Facebook Birthday Button Donation

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The Martial Arts History Museum steps into history as we celebrate our 20th year. Beginning in 1999, this museum has continued to keep our history alive, open new doors, and make connections to assist everyone possible.

We are pushing all our efforts to relocate the museum to a much larger facility. We can no longer handle the public schools requests because we aren’t big enough to accommodate them.

I hope you will join us these next few months as we give that extra push with a unique fundraising activity.

Yes, without any cost to you, if you have a birthday coming up or a special occasion, you can place a Facebook DONATE BUTTON on your page. There, you can say, instead of gifts, make a donation to the support the Martial Arts History Museum on your behalf. It’s great, it works. The following is a link to a video we made that you can use as a guide to create your button:

There is no cost to you whatsoever. So please, consider placing a button on your page to help the Museum. And let us know so we can feature you.

Michael Matsuda
President, Martial Arts History Museum