Museum Moves to New Location!!!

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The Martial Arts History Museum is Moving!!!
For those of you who don't know, the Martial History Museum is a non-profit organization that has been teaching people about the art, culture, history, and tradition of the martial arts since 1999. They are currently in the process of relocating to their new facility in Glendale, California. Kombat Instruments Limited teamed up with the museum to design the "Official" Martial Arts History Museum Stick, a weapon that will be available to visitors at the Museum Gift Shop. But until the Museum re-opens, you can get these collectible sticks here!!!

The Martial Arts History Museum Sticks are made from our premium KIL Rattan. These sticks are not just souvenirs; they are weapons that have undergone our full treatment process; ready to withstand considerable hard impact. The Martial Arts History Museum Sticks are approximately 31-inches long by 1-1/4-inch diameter. The tip of each stick is emblazoned with the Martial Arts History Museum's dragon head logo. Get yours here!!!

Logo Sticks

The Martial Arts History Museum Sticks are sold as single sticks. Get your sticks Now!!!

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The proceeds from each stick will be given directly to the Martial Arts History Museum.

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For more information about the Martial Arts History Museum, please visit

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