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It’s that time of year. When snowflakes fall in Oregon and Southern California is a freezing 75 degrees…where’s my thick coat.

It’s the end of the year and that means, a great time for make a nice tax-deductible contribution to the Martial Arts History Museum. What better way to “give back” to the martial arts than having a museum for those artforms.

We are working hard to relocate to Glendale for a much larger facility. This is moving nicely forward but we still need your support to make that move. So, this year, please give generously to support this great cause.


Yes, it’s the invasion of the Museum Logo Caps. It’s becoming the fashion statement for 2023! Even iCarly has a museum has a museum cap. Cynthia Rothrock has a museum cap. Benny Urquidez has a museum cap and even Jackie Chan has a museum cap…not really.
So, get yours today! Support our great cause!!! Show your support for the museum and be the fashion idol in your community!!!


don the dragon
Don "the dragon" Wilson


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