Museum October Events


Oct. 11, 4 pm, Saturday

Join us as we celebrate the life of the late founder of Lima Lama, Tino Tuiolosega. His family, his friends and his students will gather to pay a final tribute to this pioneer. The “day” allows others to see a video collage of his life, hear his biography and provide a platform for his students to say a few words about this amazing individual. Event starts at 4 pm. Dress is casual, cost is only $10 which is the entrance fee into the Museum so you get to enjoy that as well. Just don't be late, starts at 4 pm.

Oct. 18, 1 pm to 5 pm, Saturday

Like a “mini” Dragonfest, we gather some of the greatest martial arts icons in the world as they introduce you to their newest book. Get your copy signed, bring in your old magazines and have them signed, meet some of the biggest pioneers in the arts. Amazon is great to buy books, but Bookfest allows you to meet them personally, talk to them, hang out and get your book personally signed. This is a great event so don't miss out. Cost, just entrance into the Museum, only $10. Meet Doug Wong, Leo Fong, Don Baird, Peter Cunningham, Donnie Williams, Carrie Ogawa-Wong and so many more!!!

Anime Open House at the Museum. Date not set yet, but will be unveiling our new section.

The Museum is the ONLY place that offers a variety of events for all the enjoy. We brought back Dragonfest, we host Bookfest, we provide Award Ceremonies, we host exhibits, have special “Honor Days” every few weeks, we introduce you to the newest films, conducts history seminars, and so much more. Without a Museum such as this, we would miss out on so much. Join us today and become a MUSEUM MEMBER, it's just $50 and it's tax-deductible as a current and registered non-profit organization. People always tell me what can they do to help,  become a Member.  That will help considerably. And, you can tell your kids 30 years from now, I was a member, I was there in the early days of the Museum. I was part of something historic.

As we head toward the end of the year, we encourage your donations to the Museum. Financial donations are tax-deductible since we are a Non-Profit 501c3 organization. You are going to pay out in taxes to the government, why not support the Museum instead. $100, $500, $1,000, $10,000, $100,000 all make an impact and 100% all goes to the Museum. No one gets paid at the Museum, it is all voluntary including the Museum president. I always hear of other big museums, who don't need the funds bring in millions a year. Well, the martial arts community is over 27,000 studios strong in America alone, image if each school donated $100.

The Museum has an impact on everyone. With visitors from all over the world, we now have a place where people can learn about the arts. Over 50% of the people who visit, don't even take the arts. A Museum brings validity to the arts and opens the doors to possible sponsors such as Nike and more. It has the potential to impact every school in the world. Join us today and make it happen. Let's give back to the arts by donating to the Museum.

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