Museum Re-Launches Youtube Channel to Raise Funds


Burbank, CA – It has been estimated that nearly 90% of martial arts schools will close due to the continuous lockdown of our nation. The Martial Arts History Museum, now in its 21st year, is forced to find new ways to raise funds to keep its doors open. Since April 2020, the museum has been closed, and their largest fundraising event, Dragonfest, was canceled. Recently, the museum created a Facebook and in-person giving campaign, which has raised nearly $11,000 in the last three weeks. Recently, the museum has relaunched it’s Youtube channel to help in this effort.

Michael Matsuda, president and founder of the museum has been working with film star Cynthia Rothrock in creating her Youtube presence. So far, they have reached nearly 30,000 subscribers. Rothrock is so generously donated 50% of all funds brought in to help the museum.

“I’m going to be taking all I learned into the museum’s Youtube channel,” says Matsuda. “The goal is to focus on all things martial arts. Whether it’s about the movies, techniques, even Asian-theme topics and even Then and Now showcases, I think that will bring some attention to the channel for people to subscribe.”

Over the years, Youtube has paid people for having commercials on their Youtube channel. However, in the last few years, all that has changed, and only those reaching 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 viewing hours in one year, qualify for receiving funds. This is the museum’s dilemma, they need everyone’s help in getting 1,000 subscribers. Subscribing to their Youtube channel is free; there are no costs involved. Currently, the museum has 631 subscribers; they need just 369 more.

“That is where you all come in. I am asking for your support. If you can’t give funds, just go to our Youtube channel and hit subscribe and watch our videos once in a while. The more you watch, the more funds we receive,” adds Matsuda.

To enhance their Youtube experience, the museum is placing several of its Museum Biographies up for a limited time for everyone to enjoy. The biographies are currently sold on Amazon but showing them for a little while may peak some interest in purchasing them.

Here is the link to subscribe. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it will be a wonderful new way to help the museum through this rough and terrible patch in history.

Thank you all so much. – Michael Matsuda

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