Museum releases New DIY Video


BURBANK, CA – Michael Matsuda, author, publisher and president of the Martial Arts History Museum, is proud to release a “do-it-yourself” style video on the “nuts and bolts” of writing and creating your first book. Entitled, “Your First Book,” which is now available on Amazon, Matsuda provides some unique methods that would benefit the would-be author with great insights before they write their first paragraph.

The former publisher of Martial Art Magazine, a contributing editor for several major magazines for the past two decades and author of nearly a dozen books, Matsuda talks about the pitfalls that he fell into and lost thousands of dollars as a result. “In the past 30 years of writing books and articles, I have fallen on my face and lost galore. Why? Because there was no one out there to tell me. No one to help guide me through” says museum president Matsuda. “I designed this as a DVD so that I can talk directly to you and give you the direction I never had.”

Writing a book has evolved by leaps and bounds in the last 25 years. The introduction of flexible printing methods has changed the landscape of book publishing in a positive direction. Today, on-demand printing has become the norm and getting a book out is much easier and more cost-effective. However, there are still many obstacles and many roadblocks that one should be aware of before dedicating a year or two of one’s life to making a book.

“Writing a book has never been a piece of cake, but with some great advice, you may be able to cut off at least six months of devoting blood, sweat, and tears to your project,” adds Matsuda.

A book can serve as a great tool for documenting history, self-promotion, keeping memories alive, telling stories that were passed down from generation to generation and it can provide a little income as well. “We may not all become drastically rich like the Harry Potter books, but we can make a little dent in life. I believe everyone has a story. Through this DVD, I can give you some great advice on how to make your first book,” says Matsuda.

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