Only 60 Subscribers Away from Reaching our Goal



Burbank, CA – We are just 60 subscribers away from reaching the required amount by Youtube to monetize the Martial Arts History Museum’s Youtube Channel. Since COVID has forced our doors to be temporarily closed, we are looking for new ways to keep the museum functioning, and pushing our Youtube channel is a great way to help bring in some needed funds.

Signing up doesn’t require any cost, just visit the Museum’s Youtube Channel and hit the subscribe button. That’s it.

“We have designed our Youtube channel to have a lot of variety. From biographies of many of our martial arts' pioneers to “then and now” fun facts and special acknowledgments or fun events,” says museum president Michael Matsuda. “The channel is active, and we post something new at least twice a week.”

As the caretaker of martial arts history, the museum provides some unique insights through their ongoing biography series, and coming in late February; they will be launching “Expert Class,” which is a series of courses taught by the greatest martial artists of all time. The Expert Class will be also be provided on Youtube free-of-charge.

“We realize, especially at this time, it’s hard to give funds. But, if you would just hit the subscribe on our Youtube channel and watch the programs, especially the commercials, this will bring in some added funds to help the museum. Youtube requires 1,000 subscribers to be monetized and we are just 60 subscribers away from hitting 1,000,” adds Matsuda.

Here is the link to the museum’s channel:

Or here:

For information about the Martial Arts History Museum, visit their webpage at