Finding Affordable Treasures at the Museum


Burbank, CA – This weekend the Martial Arts History Museum launches a venture that is sure to please all those who enjoy shopping for interesting and unique items. On Saturday, Sept. 16, the museum will be partnering with Nelson Treasures to provide visitors with an enormous display of hand-made jewelry, stylish apparel and unique handbags that are available for purchase at very affordable prices. Dubbed, “Finding Treasures at the Museum” this is the first of a series of shopping opportunities that will appear at the museum on a continual basis.

Patricia Nelson, owner of Nelson Treasures, is one of the most sought-after designers in Los Angeles. Her products are primarily hand-made from earrings to necklaces to clothing and so much more. The “Finding Treasures” evening will be open to the public from 5 pm to 8 pm so that all can enjoy the museum and purchase items from Nelson’s collections.


Nelson Treasures is one of the businesses in the Burbank area. Though primarily on the internet, it has earned high praise from the jewelry community. “I enjoy doing things that are different and interesting and jewelry is something that continually changes,” notes Nelson.“It’s important that the museum be a strong part of the Burbank community. I think exhibits here at the museum by many of the local vendors is a big plus for all of us. They get exposure, we get a crowd to visit the museum and it all works out,’ says museum president Michael Matsuda. “Nelson Treasures is our pilot vendor to have her work on display and doing something like this twice a month will be an asset to Magnolia Park.”

“Finding Treasures” is a free event for the public to enjoy and all items presented by Nelson Treasures are available for purchase. A portion of the sales will go to benefit the Martial Arts History Museum.

The museum is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and is fully supported by donations and sponsorships. Their website is or contact them at (818) 478-1722.