Stars headline Dragonfest Expo this August


Burbank, CA – The Martial Arts History Museum is set to launch its 14th annual Dragonfest expo this coming August 25 and 26 in Burbank, CA. Considered by many as the equivalent to San Diego’s ever-popular ComicCon, it attracts over 2,000 martial arts fans, practitioners, school owners as they come together to raise funds for the Martial Arts History Museum.

“Dragonfest is a wonderful event. It is our biggest fundraiser of the year. It gathers people from all over the world and it’s like a family re-union. However, the most important aspect and reason for the event is to help the museum relocate to a much larger facility,” says museum president and founder Michael Matsuda. “100 percent of the proceeds, everything, goes to ensure the martial arts legacy and history won’t be forgotten. It’s that important.”

The Dragonfest expo has continued to grow every year. From just a handful of vendor booths to 150 booths this year. In fact, the event has grown more in the last four years that they have had to relocate to a much larger facility. The expo this year, will take place at the Burbank Pickwick Gardens Convention Center.

Hosted by the museum, the event will feature a variety of Asian cultural performances such as Filipino Dancing, Japanese Taiko, Kimono, Chinese Lion Dancing, etc. Vendor booths this year will consist of a number of UFC fighters including Chuck Lidell, Cung Le, Fabiano Iha and many more. Some of the martial arts celebrities in attendance will be Robin Shou of Mortal Kombat, Lu Feng of the Shaw Bros. kung fu movies, Matthew Moy of 2 Broke Girls, Michael Jai White of Tyson, Phil Morris of Seinfeld, James Lew, Doug Wong, Eric Lee, Kathy Long, members of the cast of The Karate Kid, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Best of the Best, Big Trouble in Little China and many more.

Dragonfest 2018 will be a 2-day event. Saturday, August 25 will be the actual expo lined with 150 vendor booths and cultural performances. Sunday, August 26, will be a full day of workouts and seminars only. Classes will be taught by John Hackleman, Don “the dragon” Wilson, Art Camacho, Felix Roiles, Sifu Matthew, Benny Urquidez, Fariborz Azhakh, Leo Fong, Robert Redfeather, Lu Feng, Michelle Manu and more.

Special Note: The Museum is encouraging martial arts schools to bring all their kids as there will be free entrance to kids, 17 and younger accompanied by a parent or instructor.

“This is going to be a great event and it is our hope that we can raise a substantial amount of funds to relocate the museum. If the martial arts has helped you become successful, gain respect, build self-confidence, etc., then let’s give back by supporting the Martial Arts History Museum,” adds Matsuda.

The museum is very honored to have such sponsors this year as the City of Burbank Hospitality Committee, El Rey Network, the UFC, the County of Los Angeles Supervisor Kathryn Barger, Leo Fong, Martial Arts Entertainment and Jason Sterling.

To purchase your tickets or booth or sponsor reservation, visit their site at or email them at or call 818 478-1722. You may contact the Martial Arts History Museum at 2319 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA 91506.

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