The Samurai Sword: Learn its History, its Metallurgy and How to Avoid Being Cheated by Fake Swords


Burbank, CA – The Japanese Samurai Sword seminar is by far the most popular seminar at the Martial Arts History Museum. Led by one of the hosts of The History Channel and A&E, Rafael Kosche is the most informative lecturer on the sword, its history and how it was made. The seminar will be held at museum this Saturday, Sept. 24 at 4:30 pm. Cost is only $10.

Rafael Kosche is perhaps, one of the leading authorities on the Samurai Sword in America. He has been featured numerous times on The History Channel, A&E, Ancient Aliens and many more. This unique, multi-informational seminar is held only once a year at the museum with tremendous results.

“This is the only seminar of its kind. We've had people come all the way from Ventura, San Luis Obispo, San Diego and Las Vegas just to learn about the sword, ask questions and even bring in their sword. And I strongly encourage all participants to bring in the sword if they would like it looked at to see if it has any worth,” says museum president Michael Matsuda.

Throughout the seminar, Kosche will provide a number of different swords with a complete explanation of their origin, their metallurgy and their value. Plus, he will give you insights on what to look for when considering to buy a sword. “This is a great part of the event. The last thing you want is to get cheated when buying a sword for display or for use,” adds Matsuda. “There are a lot of fakes out there and it will be a shame if someone spent thousands of dollars on a $50 sword. Don't be cheated by getting a fake or cheap sword!"

The history of the sword, how it was and continues to be made and many of the historical traditions of the sword will be revealed in the 1 ½ hour seminar. “We've had great success of people bringing in their swords. Although we cannot provide an official appraisal form, we can provide a pretty accurate estimate of its value and worth. People have heirlooms, things that have been passed down through many generations, here is the one opportunity to have it checked out,” says Matsuda.

The Martial Arts History Museum is located at 2319 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA 91506. Their website is or call (818) 478-1722. Cost of the seminar is only $10 and includes visiting the museum.