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March 19, 2017

Kung Fu Finds a New Journey in Board Gaming

Burbank, CA – Despite the influx of a new generation of video games, an old friend has made a comeback, big time. In fact, hundreds of thousands of fans have re-ignited “board gaming” into a whole new evolution and sales of board games have continued...
March 05, 2017

Martial Arts History Museum Events for March 2017

Martial Arts History Museum Events for March 2017   Here are the amazing events we have in-store for March and beyond. Note, if you are receiving this email for the first time, someone knew you were a fan of martial arts and they wanted you to check us...
February 21, 2017

Performers Lend their Support in Martial Arts Museum Telethon

Burbank, CA – Last weekend, comedians, magicians, singers and even sumo wrestlers took part in the Martial Arts History Museum’s first 24-Hour Telethon. In an effort to raise funds to acquire a larger location to support the growing number of school...
February 10, 2017

Museum Launches 24 Hour LIVE Facebook Telethon Feb. 11

Burbank, CA – The Martial Arts History Museum is the only cultural facility in the city of Burbank and the only museum of its kind in the world. In order to assist the museum financially in expanding to a larger facility, they will be launching a...
February 05, 2017

Museum Events for February

Museum News and Events You are receiving this email because either you requested it OR someone knew you enjoyed martial arts they wanted you to be part of this so they sent us your email. If you would like to unsubscribe, please do so at the bottom of...
January 29, 2017

Upcoming Museum Events

Museum News and Events   We are very excited to announce our latest venture: 24-HOUR FACEBOOK LIVE MUSEUM TELETHON Yes, you heard it right, 24 hours of demos, comedy, music, hula dancing, fashion show and more to keep you watching LIVE on Facebook....
January 24, 2017

Museum announces 24 Hour Telethon for New Building

Burbank, CA – As the Martial Arts History Museum celebrates its 18th year, they set their eyes on relocating to a larger location in order to accommodate the growing amount of school field trip requests. On February 11, beginning at 4 pm, thru February...
January 21, 2017

Museum Events

Museum News and Events   In January, the Museum was proud to honor filmmaker Nick Papadakis and coming up on January 21, the Museum will be honoring Filipino legend and one of Bruce Lee’s primary students Richard Bustillo. The Martial Arts History...
January 19, 2017

Museum to Honor Filipino Pioneer and Bruce Lee Student

Burbank, CA – This Saturday, January 21, 2017, the Martial Arts History Museum will be paying a special tribute to one of the pioneers of the Filipino arts; Richard Bustillo. The ceremony, which will take place at the museum at 4 pm, will highlight the...
December 08, 2016

Museum Launches Day Planner for the Martial Arts Community

Woodland Hills, CA –, noted as the first internet-based martial arts resource center and considered as one of the premier news sites of the martial arts community, announced today the creation of a unique, martial arts Day Planner...
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