Dragonfest is tomorrow

Fragile are the wings of the dragonfly, or something like that Master Po said. Anyway, it's time for DRAGONFEST! When you say, it's tomorrow, July 18 and July 19. Two days, yes, can't believe your eyes, 2 days to martial arts bliss. A smorgasbord of delight, a plithera of kung fu, a mountain of karate, an unending fountain of madness. Yes, it's DRAGONFEST!!!

If you've been, come again. All funds, yes, 100 percent of all funds, goes to support the Museum. It's only $25 for one day, $30 for 2 days. Tickets are available at the door, CASH ONLY please.

Meet your friends, meet your friends friends, meet people who are not your friends.

Be a part of Dragonfest. Where: Holiday Inn Media Center, 150 E. Angeleno St. in Burbank, CA

Time: 11 am to 6 pm
For more info, visit

Thank you for being part of something that will keep our history alive for many generations. It is through your generosity that keeps the Museum up and running. The Museum is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Please feel free to give more which will allow us to do many events in the future.

Michael Matsuda