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Finally, we have nearly all the Martial Arts History Museum official products now on Amazon. It's been a work in progress but we have all our very unique and stylish baseball caps for your to wear, our cool biography DVDs, our unique and exclusive museum books, our hall of fame books and coming soon, our official museum t-shirts.

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Nov. 5, 2022   6 pm :  Movie Screening
A feature film produced by our own Robert Parham will be shown at the museum. This will be a fun time as you not only enjoy the museum, see the film, but partake in a Q&A session with the actors and crew. The event is $10.


Nov. 12, 2022    4 pm  :  Spice Williams-Crosby Honor Day
She's not only the most beautiful Klingon in the Star Trek movie galaxy, she's also one of the top stuntpersons in the world. Let's join together and celebrate her life at the museum. The event is $20. Let's see if we can break Cecil Peoples' record of 200 people.


Well, it's been just about a year since we re-launched the museum's youtube channel. We are now at 7,000 subscribers and climbing. Please tell your friends about us, don't forget to subscribe as well.
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What better time to make a donation to the Martial Arts History Museum than right now. The museum is our only hope of keeping martial arts history alive. As Benny Urquidez said recently, "If it wasn't for the museum, this Martial Arts History Museum, everything I did will be lost forever."
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