Museum Events for May

After many storms and a long illness, the Martial Arts History Museum is excited to launch a few great events for May.

May 6, 2023
4 pm to 6 pm  - $10
Join us as we screen the museum’s official biography of the great pioneer Cecil Peoples, followed by the induction of his uniform into the museum. Plus, it’s his birthday so we are also celebrating with a cake for all. Let’s pack this place out for Sensei.


May 13, 2023
Noon to 3 pm – FREE
CELEBRATE Asian American Pacific Islanders Month
What better way to celebrate this month than providing a unique method of protection such as the GIVEAWAY of 1,000 finger stun devices to the Asian American and Non-Asian adults. Attacks are on the rise so we felt it would be nice to have some form of protection just in case. A special class will be taught by celebrity advocate Michelle Manu.


May 14, 2023
Why not take your mother to visit something you love, the museum. All mothers will be given free entry into the museum. Have a great time!!!


August 5, 2023
11 am to 6 pm
Don’t miss the greatest and most popular martial arts convention on the planet, it’s Dragonfest. Join us for the 17th annual Dragonfest event at the Glendale Civic Auditorium. This is a charity event with all proceeds going to the museum. It’s a fun day for getting together, celebrating Asian culture, and learning from the greats and it’s filled with nearly 100 booths, 10 more than last year. Get your tickets today at


New Museum Caps are here!
We are excited about our new line of caps at the museum. We’ve added our new “Sensei” cap, our BKF cap and our TKC cap. How great is that. Be sure to get yours today.

$5 to $5 Million Fundraising Campaign
Yeah!!! So, far, we have raised nearly $8,000 towards our goal. An amazing start. As we negotiate the new location for the museum, we are asking for your assistance by joining our campaign to raise funds to relocate. There will be walls to make, pictures to blow up, artifacts to set up, a lot of stuff to do so we need your help. Even if you can give just $5, that will set us moving forward. Plus, your name will be listed on the museums website for a year, how great is that. If you support the museum, we hope you will continue that by making a donation today.