Museum Releases Biography of Roadhouse Steve Sexton


Burbank, CA – The martial arts is filled with unique historical figures. Some are champions, others are pioneers, and some use their martial arts skills every day to save their life. Steve Sexton is one of those individuals. This week, the Martial Arts History Museum is proud to release the biography of Steve “roadhouse” Sexton, now available free on the museum’s youtube channel:

Sexton is a native of Southern California. He was a troubled kid who constantly ran away from home by hopping trains but stumbled upon a small Korean martial arts studio that changed the direction of his life forever. It was the art of Hapkido that Sexton would use as part of his everyday life as a bouncer at a local Reseda bar.

“I have a lot of stories to tell. It was a dangerous life, and I'm surprised I’m still here to tell about it,” notes Sexton.

 Growing up with an abusive father added to his frustration as he was later placed in a boy’s home. But his study of Hapkido changed his life for the better. It gave him confidence and helped him create a new career.

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“Like the History Channel and A&E, I feel the history of the martial arts is just as important as any of the individuals they focus on. After all, the martial arts have made a tremendous impact on the West. From our animations to our television shows to our movies, it’s all different now because of the martial arts. Instead of soccer moms, we have karate moms,” says museum president Michael Matsuda. “So, we have our own set of biographies with all the same quality and important information like the History Channel.”

The Martial Arts History Museum biographies, now in their 20th show, can be viewed free of charge on their youtube channel or purchased on Amazon.

For information about the Martial Arts History Museum, visit their website at The museum is in the midst of their "$5 Million Campaign" to assist them in relocating to the city of Glendale, CA. Tax-deductible donations are encouraged.


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