Nepal Actor Shuny Bee to Raise Funds at Dragonfest Convention for Nepal Earthquake Victims

Burbank, CA – On April 25, 2015, the country of Nepal suffered through a horrific and devastating earthquake that killed more than 9,000 people and injuring more than 23,000 of its citizens. With a magnitude of 8.1, it was the worst natural disaster to strike Nepal since 1934. In an effort to bring awareness and financial relief to its victims, Nepal film star Shuny Bee launched an active campaign earlier this year. On July 18 and 19, Bee will be making a special representation to heighten awareness of this disaster and to raise additional funds at the Dragonfest convention in Burbank, CA.

Dragonfest, hosted by the Martial Arts History Museum, is considered the largest martial arts convention on the West Coast. It provides a platform to introduce new films, martial arts celebrities, anime and more. Bee, star of the 2012 film Gorkha Protector and the 2015 film Fight of Fury, is considered one of the most celebrated action stars of Nepal. Bee will be utilizing this platform to raise funds for Nepal victims and bring additional awareness to the devastation the people of Nepal suffered.

“Although it happened several months ago, people are still suffering and help is still needed. I created the Shuny Bee Foundation which sends 100 percent of our funds to the earthquake victims to being relief to the people of my country,” notes Shunny Bee. “I feel it is the responsibility for all of us to help one another in this crisis. Dragonfest is the perfect event that will help promote relief.”

The Dragonest convention, now in its eleventh year, is the only event that brings the entire martial arts community in one place. Much like the ComicCon in San Diego that connects the anime world, Dragonfest serves as the martial arts equivalent.

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