New Museum Launches Membership Drive

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Glendale, CA – The city of Glendale’s newest tourist attraction, the Martial Arts History Museum, launches a membership drive to attract people to visit their newly expanded facility located in the heart of the city. Their goal is to acquire 500 museum members by the end of summer.

Previously listed as one of the Top Five places to visit in Burbank, this month, the museum relocated to the city of Glendale just in time to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Michael Matsuda, president and founder of the museum, is behind the launching of the membership drive. “We are the only museum of its kind in the world and now, we are part of the new ‘museum row’ of Glendale. I believe museums make a difference. A museum can inspire, a museum can educate, a museum can help us learn by both successes and mistakes. Museums make a difference and since we are new to Glendale, let’s start with something exciting, like a membership drive.”

The museum, the only one in existence, provides a unique look at Asian art, music, culture, and tradition and how it connects with the martial arts.

Membership to the museum ranges from $50 to $100 and enables the member to enjoy a full year of events held at the museum. These events include movie screenings (with many of the stars present), book signings, craft fairs, rotating exhibits, honor days, mixers, and more. A cost which would normally be twenty dollars.

“What a bargain,” notes Matsuda. “The member gets a huge discount plus it helps us get our feet off the ground in our first month. We are a non-profit 501c3 organization so memberships are tax-deductible. We are also open to financial and in-kind donations to the museum. If you need a tax write-off, then what better place to get one than a museum.”

Matsuda, a former publisher, and Disney graphic artist, began the museum in 1999 as a traveling exhibit and then landed in their first location in the city of Santa Clarita. From there, they relocated to Burbank and became one of its top tourist attractions. Now, in their 25th year, they move to a significantly larger location, about four times their previous size, to the city of Glendale, steps away from the famous Americana complex.

To become a member, simply click the following link:

The museum is located at 201 N. Brand Blvd., B100, Glendale, CA 91203. Website is