The Martial Arts History Museum is proud to present the CELEBRITY CHARITY SEMINARS!

Celebrity Seminar Series

This February 24, we launch our first seminar series with some of the greatest martial arts pioneers, icons, champions and more. We received a number of requests from martial arts pioneers asking what they could do to help support the Museum. The idea of creating a series of seminars for all to enjoy and the proceeds being donated to benefit the Museum. The event will be a full day of training with the following pioneers:

BILL RYUSAKI, Fighting Kenpo
LEO FONG, Dynamic Kung Fu
ART CAMACHO, Stuntfighting

Date: Sunday, Feb. 24
Time: 9:00 am to 6 pm (breaks in between)
Cost: Only $75, or $95 at the door

This is a tax-deductible event (so yes, you can take if off your taxes as a donation)

Place: Team Karate Centers, Woodlands Hills, CA


This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to train with some of the great martial arts icons. We will be launching more of these in the upcoming months.

For more info, contact Michael Matsuda at 818 478-1722