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July 17, 2015

Dragonfest is tomorrow

Fragile are the wings of the dragonfly, or something like that Master Po said. Anyway, it's time for DRAGONFEST! When you say, it's tomorrow, July 18 and July 19. Two days, yes, can't believe your eyes, 2 days to martial arts bliss. A smorgasbord of...
July 16, 2015

Dragonfest Martial Arts Convention Set for July 18, 19 in Burbank

Burbank, CA – As the crowds dissipate and the sci fi fans relish in their favorite experience from San Diego's Comic Con, it's martial arts equivalent, the Martial Arts History Museum's Dragonfest convention is about to unfold 130 miles up the coast on...
July 12, 2015

Nepal Actor Shuny Bee to Raise Funds at Dragonfest Convention for Nepal Earthquake Victims

The martial arts equivalent to San Deigo's ComicCon, Dragonfest provides a platform to bring additional awareness to Nepal Victims
July 03, 2015

Dragonfest July 18, July 19

  This is it, the month you've been waiting for, it's time for the Museum's DRAGONFEST convention! Yes, you can't believe your eyes. The biggest, the coolest, the most professional reunion of martial arts stars, celebs, pioneers, champions,...
June 20, 2015

PBS brings Awareness to LA Hidden Treasure, the Martial Arts History Museum

Burbank, CA – Making headlines this month for the art community is the Martial Arts History Museum in Southern California. PBS, one of the most respected channels for art, history and culture, selected the world's first museum for the martial arts to...
June 17, 2015

Surprise your Dad on Fathers Day with a visit to the Martial Arts History Museum

Burbank, CA – Every June, kids from all over America face the same dilemma; what to do on Father's Day? A trip to the local amusement park is always fun but he might be too old for the coasters. Going to see the latest film is a great idea but doing it...
June 01, 2015

Record Holder, Anti Aging Guru Dr. Robert Goldman to be honored by Martial Arts Museum

Dr. Robert M. Goldman is considered by many as the Guru of Anti-Aging medicine and a pioneer in sports fitness and developments. A founder of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), he has been one of sports’ greatest advocates for promoting...
May 29, 2015

Upcoming Events at the Museum

CALENDAR OF EVENTS FOR THE MARTIAL ARTS HISTORY MUSEUM May 30 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm DOUG WONG DAY Come to celebrate the most respected Kung Fu icon in the martial arts community, Douglas Lim Wong. Author of numerous books, leader of the greatest kung fu...
May 27, 2015

Museum honors Xena, Hercules trainer and icon Douglas Wong

BURBANK, CA – The Martial Arts History Museum plans to pay a special tribute to one of the most respected Kung Fu historians and icons of the martial arts industry, Douglas Lim Wong. Trainer of many notable stars such as Kevin Sobro (Hercules), Lucy...
April 30, 2015

Walt Disney Matching Gift Program provides opportunities for Museum Growth

Burbank, CA – The Walt Disney Company is known throughout the world as being one of the most generous organizations in regard to causes that matter most to its employees. This month the Martial Arts History Museum, a facility that focuses on art,...
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